These Are Farm Boy’s Fan Favourite Products of 2024

Farm Boy fan favourites products 2024
Farm Boy

Beloved Canadian grocery store Farm Boy (AKA Trader Joe’s of the North) always releases new game-changing products for customers to buy and add to their top picks. When it comes to high-quality produce, ready-made food and house label gourmet items, the Ontario-based store is pretty hard to beat. So, we’re excited that Farm Boy has released their official fan favourite products for 2024 — a ranked list of their most popular products, as voted on by shoppers.

Read on to see which of your favourite Farm Boy products made the Fan Faves list, and which you should add to your cart ASAP. 

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Farm Boy


Avocados are rich, and creamy and work well in sweet and savoury dishes, so we’re not surprised why it’s Farm Boy’s fan favourite top produce. We especially love avocados sliced in a salad or sandwich, smeared on a slice of toast or as guacamole. 

Farm boy cheese

Farm Boy


These cheeses are un-brie-lievable indeed. Creamy brie and camembert are made locally in small batches for the dreamiest, smoothest texture. It’s no wonder Farm Boy fans enjoy it so much!

Farm Boy salad dressings

Farm Boy

Salad Dressings and Vinaigrettes

Made in Ontario with real ingredients like extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, garlic and herbs, there’s a reason why Farm Boy’s salad dressings have been a hit every year. The versatility of the dressings goes beyond salads. It’s perfect as a delicious marinade for chicken or salmon, or drizzle it over burgers and pasta salads. 

Farm Boy hummus

Farm Boy

Homestyle Hummus

Not only is Farm Boy’s hummus made from simple ingredients like chickpeas, tahini and lemon juice, but it’s packed with protein and fibre and makes for a great healthy midday snack or lunch. We think this would pair well with Mediterrenean-inspired nachos or fresh veggies. 

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Farm Boy salamis

Farm Boy

Deli-Style Salamis

Bring the taste of Europe to your home with these deli-style salamis. These salamis are perfectly hardwood-smoked and cured using traditional methods. Plus, they’re available in a variety of tasty options.

Farm Boy shrimp

Farm Boy


Farm Boy offers cooked or raw shrimp to create a vast selection of dishes and meals. It’s sustainably sourced through its Good Catch program and pairs wonderfully with our Epic Shrimp Boil, Tomato Confit Pasta or Shrimp Mango Salsa.


Farm Boy

Gourmet Burgers

These burgers are made from scratch and incredibly delicious. They’re prepared fresh with high-quality ingredients, and with grilling season in full swing, you’ll want these burgers all summer. 

Farm Boy pizzas

Farm Boy

Stone-Baked Pizzas

Farm Boy fans had a good reason to pick their stone-baked pizzas as a favourite this year! Fresh ingredients top the stone-baked hand-worked dough for the ultimate quick and easy weeknight dinner or weekend lunch. Plus, with flavours like Chicken Pesto, Four Cheese and Meat Supreme, you’ll surely be reaching for more than one slice. 

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Farm Boy butter tarts

Farm Boy

Butter Tarts

These butter tarts are the key to Farm Boy fans’ hearts (and stomachs). The crumbly short crust makes for a scrumptious, gooey bite each time. 

Farm Boy gourmet ice creams

Farm Boy

Ice Cream 

We all scream for ice cream with this new fan favourite product. Farm Boy handcrafts the gourmet ice cream in small batches using 100 per cent Ontario dairy. And with exciting flavours like Roasted Banana Blast and Wild Blueberry Boom, summer just got better.