Our Top Picks from Farm Boy’s Seasonal Spring Products

Farm Boy's microgreens and dips.
Farm Boy

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and birds are chirping, which can only mean one thing: spring has finally sprung! To celebrate, Canadian grocery store Farm Boy has brought back some fan favourite seasonal products as well as some new bites to try. Read on to find out what’s available this spring at Farm Boy, plus our top picks for these seasonal products. 

What is new at Farm Boy this spring?

Farm Boy has introduced six new seasonal products this spring. This includes the organic cold brew herbal teas available in three different flavours, vanilla bean loaf cake and a new line of frozen vegetables. You can also try out their new mixed leafy greens salad blend, dry-roasted pistachios and flakey phyllo bites. 

What are Farm Boy’s seasonal spring products?

Farm Boy has over a dozen returning seasonal spring products including the lemon thyme loaf cake, Saskatoon berry pie and the mushroom, leek and truffle ravioli. While we love almost anything that Farm Boy releases, read on for our top picks this spring. 

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Farm Boy's lemon squares.

Farm Boy

Lemon dessert bars 

The lemon dessert bars are described as tart, sweet and oh-so delicious. We’d have to agree! The lemon curd on top is soft and sour, which is perfect with the crumbly sweet pastry base. These are perfect for your spring after-dinner treat or even as a midday snack. 

Organic microgreens

Available in seven varieties, these locally grown microgreens add a burst of freshness to every recipe. We love the broccoli variety and they are a great addition to a Caesar salad. We have a feeling this could also be a sneaky way of getting your little one to eat some more veggies without them even suspecting it. 

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Organic sparkling waters

These are a well known Farm Boy fan favourite, and now you can get these bubbly and crisp sparkling waters in a one litre bottle!  They’re perfect for sharing with friends and family. We love the cucumber melon and blackberry hibiscus flavours, which are the perfect refreshing spring or summer beverage.

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Farm Boy's Ginger-Carrot soup

Farm Boy

Carrot-ginger fresh and ready soup 

Farm Boy’s fresh and ready soups are made in small batches with high quality ingredients and available in a variety of flavours including carrot-ginger. The ginger is nice and strong in this soup, which adds a very spicy tang to every bite. If you’re fighting off seasonal allergies, this soup will be sure to clear your sinuses!

Lemon garlic dressing

Made with only five ingredients — olive oil, fresh lemon juice, garlic, salt, and black pepper, this dressing is anything but basic! This combo adds a simple but powerful flavour to any greens, roasted veggies or even a fresh pasta salad. 

Where can I get the Farm Boy spring products?

Farm Boy’s seasonal spring products are available now for a limited time at their 47 stores across Ontario. Availability may vary based on location, but we recommend springing down to your local Farm Boy and trying out these seasonal spring products.