Our Honest Review of KFC Canada’s New Festive Chicken Sandwich

KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich
KFC Canada

The holiday season is officially upon us, and KFC Canada has launched a new festive offering exclusively for Canadians. Read on for everything to know about their brand new KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich, plus our honest review.


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What’s in the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich?

The KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich features KFC’s signature buttermilk-marinated chicken fillet, savoury stuffing, cranberry sauce, buttery garlic oil and plant-based mayo — all sandwiched between a soft bun.

What does the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich taste like?

Essentially, the sandwich tastes exactly how you imagine it would: delicious. Fried chicken, stuffing and cranberry sauce are all supremely tastey in their own right, and the flavours really work well together in this creation. It’s nothing you haven’t tasted before, but if you’re a fan of festive flavours, it’s definitely still worth trying.

KFC really doesn’t skimp on the stuffing or cranberry sauce in this sandwich, which we appreciated, but we did find it a bit bread-y since the bun is quite fluffy and the stuffing is also made up of bread. To balance it out, we wish KFC had added a pop of fresh crunch in there, (we’d recommend lettuce or even coleslaw), because while the chicken does offer a bit of crispy crunchiness, overall the sandwich is quite soft and could use some more texture.

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How much is the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich?

Depending on your region, the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich retails for around $10.99 on its own, and $13.99 for a combo with fries and a drink.

Where can I find the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich?

The KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich is available at KFC restaurants across Canada, through the KFC App and on

How long will the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich be available?

The KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich is available for a limited time. KFC hasn’t specified when it will be taken off the menu, but we recommend trying it ahead of Christmas if you want to get your hands on one.

KFC Festive Favourites Feast

KFC Festive Favourites Feast

Does KFC have any other holiday offerings?

In addition to the KFC Festive Chicken Sandwich, KFC is also offering a variety of Festive Favourites Feasts and Festive Favourites Buckets, which all include signature KFC fried chicken, stuffing, popcorn chicken, fries and your choice of dipping sauce.

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