Our Honest Review of the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie Collab

Crumbl Cookie

Popstar Olivia Rodrigo is currently on her GUTS world tour and she has a sweet sidekick following her across North America. Olivia collaborated with Crumbl Cookie to bring a unique and delicious sweet treat for fans to try for a limited time. And because Olivia is stopping in Toronto this week, so is her cookie inspired by her music and her signature colour. Read on for everything you need to know about the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie plus our honest review.


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What is the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie?

In collaboration with Crumbl Cookie (an American chain which opened its first Canadian location last year), Olivia Rodrigo created the GUTS cookie inspired by her pop rock music, her latest album Guts and her signature colour — purple! The cookie features two purple vanilla cookies sandwiched around a layer of vanilla buttercream and triple-berry jam. For an extra touch of Olivia’s flair, the cookie is rolled in colourful star sprinkles and topped with a star-shaped cutout. The cookie screams Olivia Rodrigo and we were so excited when we saw it was coming to Toronto alongside the pop star.

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Where is the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie available?

Like Olivia’s tour dates, the cookie is a limited-time event. The GUTS cookie is available for a week at a time depending on where Olivia is performing. Olivia is performing in Toronto on March 29 and March 30 so the cookie is available at Crumbl Cookies Mississauga location until March 30. Next week the cookie will be on the road again and available exclusively in Boston and New York.  You can find out where the Olivia Rodrigo GUTS cookie will be next in the Crumbl Cookie app. According to Daily Hive, Crumbl Cookie is set to open a new location in the greater Vancouver area this summer, so we hope they open in time for Olivia’s concert date in Vancouver this August.

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How much is the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie?

The Olivia Rodrigo GUTS Crumbl Cookie retails for about $6 for a single cookie. You can order the cookie in-store or through the Crumbl Cookie app.

What does the Olivia Rodrigo Crumbl Cookie taste like?

Although Olivia has a song called “love is embarrassing”, we have to admit that we love this cookie… even if it is embarrassing! First of all the cookie is huge, so one cookie might last you a while. The first few bites were super sweet and full of the vanilla cookies and creamy buttercream with crunchy bites of the colourful sprinkles. If you like sweets you will like this because this cookie might just be the definition of sweet. However, our favourite part was when we got to the star-shaped centre which was filled with delicious triple-berry jam. The tartness of the thick jam contrasted with the sweet and soft cookie, the icing and the crunchy sprinkles. We wish that this cookie was available for longer so we could have “deja vu” every time we visited Crumbl Cookie. All this to say, we think that this cookie is delicious and a great unique souvenir for fans of Olivia Rodrigo and the GUTS tour.

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