Our Favourite High-Fibre Recipes

Do you think you’re getting enough fibre? Our research says otherwise. According to Health Canada, on average, Canadians are getting about half of their daily fibre intake. Women are recommended to consume about 25 grams of fibre daily, and men 38 grams per day. A lack of fibre can result in a variety of health issues, from chronic constipation to IBS and even heart disease. So the question remains: How do we increase our fibre consumption? These delicious high-fibre recipes might help.

There are tons of foods that have an adequate percentage of fibre per serving. Foods like potatoes, whole grains, dried fruit, and avocados all contain high amounts of fibre, while meat, poultry, processed flour goods, and dairy contain low amounts. While a shift in diet can be challenging, we’re here to make it easier (and more delicious) with our favourite high-fibre recipes to set you up for success.

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