We Rank Tim Hortons’ New Dream Cookies and Donuts From Worst to Best

Tim Hortons Dream cookies
Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has introduced a new line of treats to its menus and they look oh so good! The coffee chain added two new Dream Cookies and two Filled Ring Dream Donuts with flavours that are so irresistible you simply have to try them.


Over the past few months Tim Hortons has not been a stranger to innovating and expanding its menu. Earlier this year the coffee chain introduced flatbread pizzas that we thought were surprisingly delicious and cold drinks that are perfect for the summer. Now, the fast food chain brought your sweet treat dreams to life and they are worth every bite.

“Our premium Dream Cookies and Filled Ring Dream Donuts offer an elevated twist on the baked goods our guests have always loved – and with the amazing value for money that Tims is known for,” Carolina Berti, the Vice President of Category and Innovation for Tim Hortons said in a press release.

Read on for everything you need to know about the new Tim Hortons Dream Cookies and Filled Ring Dream Donuts and our ranking from worst to best.

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What are the new Tim Hortons Dream Cookies and Filled Ring Dream Donuts?

The four new Tim Hortons treats include two Dream Cookie flavours: Oreo Double Stuf and Caramilk, as well as two new Filled Ring Dream Donut flavours: Caramilk and Wildberry Cheesecake.

Here’s how we rank Tim Hortons new sweet treats from worst to best.

Tim Hortons Dreams donuts

Tim Hortons

4. Caramilk Filled Ring Dream Donut

If you’re a chocolate lover, you will seriously enjoy the new Caramilk Dream Donut from Tim Hortons. The donut is topped with chocolate frosting, chocolate chunks and caramel drizzle with the inside stuffed with caramel as well. The treat was decadent and tasted just like the Caramilk chocolate bar in a donut form. While it was delicious, it wasn’t our favourite because it wasn’t as shocking as the others, which were jaw-droppingly scrumptious.

3. Wildberry Cheesecake Filled Ring Dream Donut

This Tim Hortons donut is filled with so many unexpected flavours and we absolutely loved every bite of it. The donut tasted like summer in dessert form and if you enjoy a berry forward cheesecake, this should be your go-to treat. The donut was stuffed with cream cheese and berry filling and topped with wildberry frosting.

2. Caramilk Dream Cookie

Similar to the Tim Hortons Dream Caramilk Donut, this cookie highlights all the things you love in the chocolate bar. But this dessert transforms the flavours you know and love and turns it into a moist and decadent cookie that we can’t get enough of. This chocolate caramel cookie is packed with chocolate chips and filled a caramel filling. As a result, you can expect to bite into a decadent, chocolate-forward and sweet cookie that melts in your mouth.

1. Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie

Was your go-to ice cream flavour as a kid cookies and cream? Well, if so, this Tim Hortons cookie brings back all those nostalgic feelings. This Oreo Double Stuf Dream Cookie from Tim Hortons is soft and seriously chewy. The base has cookies and cream and it is topped with frosting and Oreo crumble. This was our favourite cookie because while it was moist, it also featured a crunch we couldn’t get enough of.


How much are the new Tim Hortons Filled Ring Dream Donut and Dream Cookies?

The Tim Hortons Filled Ring Dream donuts and Dream cookies retails for around $3 but prices vary by region. They are available at Tim Hortons participating restaurants nationwide and for delivery through the Tim Hortons mobile app.