We Rank Tim Hortons New Flatbread Pizza From Worst to Best

Four different Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizzas on a table.
Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons has introduced a flatbread pizza to its stores and it tastes better than we had expected. When it comes to mastering a donut, Tim Hortons is at the top of that list, but we wouldn’t have thought the same for pizza.


The fast food chain recently expanded its snack offerings by blessing the public with savoury pinwheels that are perfectly flaky and bursting with flavour. But now, the brand has brought a flatbread pizza to the scene and it’s something you should definitely try.

The pizzas are made fresh to order and we got the opportunity to see how they are made and find out what the flatbreads taste like. Read on for everything you need you know about Tim Hortons’ new flatbread pizza and our ranking of them from worst to best.

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What are the new Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizza?

Tim Hortons went through a series of test markets across Canada, where the company refined and worked on the flatbread pizza recipes to perfect them. As a result of the successful responses, the brand decided to introduce the product to the market and it is now available for purchase in four flavours.

There are four different Tim Hortons flatbread pizzas available nationwide, which include Bacon Everything, Chicken Parmesan, Pepperoni, and Simply Cheese.

What do the Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizzas taste like?

Each flatbread consists of different toppings, but the consistency and bread of each pizza are quite similar. The bread itself is a roasted garlic flatbread, which tastes similar to a garlic naan. Additionally, not all the bases are the same. Three of the featured flatbreads are topped with vine-ripened tomato sauce, similar to a traditional pizza, while one has a herb and garlic cream cheese base.

4. Bacon Everything

Tim Hortons Bacon Everything Flatbread Pizza

Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons’ Bacon Everything flatbread is unlike anything we’ve tried before. But the recipe calls for some of Tim’s most iconic flavours. The flatbread’s base is herb and garlic cream cheese topped with double-smoked bacon, a blend of mozzarella and Monterey jack cheeses, and everything seasoning. While the ingredients in this flatbread all sound delicious, we thought they didn’t quite go well together. Additionally, it wasn’t our favourite when compared to the other pizzas because this Tim Hortons flatbread was a little too dry for our liking. But, if you like garlic and prefer things with less sauce, give it a try, it might surprise you.

3. Chicken Parmesan

Tim Hortons Chicken Parmesan Flatbread Pizza

Tim Hortons

At the start, we thought that the Chicken Parmesan would be our top choice because it felt the most elevated. Thanks to the slow-cooking process, the chicken was herby and flavourful while also moist. Additionally, the Parmesan cheese complemented the other stringy cheeses well. The overall bite of this flatbread was pleasing, and we would grab it again when looking for something light yet herby. But if you wanted something more pizza-like then the next two are where you should lean towards.

2. Pepperoni

Tim Hortons pepperoni pizza flatbread

Tim Hortons

It’s difficult to compete with other fantastic pepperoni pizzas in the market because there are so many options, and some of them are really great. Luckily for anyone who loves pepperoni, Tim Hortons did not disappoint with their flatbread offering — it gave us everything we love in one bite. The slices consisted of pepperoni, mozzarella and Monterey jack cheese, on a tomato sauce base. Simply put, the slices were juicy and tasted like a proper pizza. We weren’t expecting it to be as good and fresh as it was, so you should definitely give it a try too.

1. Simply Cheese

Tim Hortons Simply Cheese Flatbread Pizza

Tim Hortons

As the name states, this pizza is simple yet delicious. If you enjoy a vegetarian marinara sauce and stringy cheese slice, this is the Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizza for you. This was our favourite flatbread pizza because we could eat the whole thing and still wanted more. We could taste each of the layers thoroughly and it certainly was appetizing.

How much are the Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizzas?

Depending on your region, prices may vary. The Simply Cheese retails for about $7, while the other three flatbread pizzas are about $8.

You will be able to order the Tim Hortons Flatbread Pizzas in-store and for delivery on the Tim Hortons app, starting May 1.