Our Honest Review of Tim Hortons New Savoury Pinwheels

Tim Hortons Savoury Pinwheels
Tim Hortons

When it comes to grabbing a quick bite and coffee while on the go, Tim Hortons never disappoints. But sometimes eating the same baked good every day can feel quite repetitive, which is why we were so excited to see that Timmies has added new savoury items to their menu. As part of the Tim Hortons Anytime Snacker category, the coffee chain added two Savoury Pinwheels that are perfectly buttery, flaky and bursting with flavour — they might just be our new favourite menu items. Read on for everything you need to know about the new Savoury Pinwheels from Tim Hortons and our honest review.


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What are the new Tim Hortons Savoury Pinwheels?

The Savoury Pinwheels are new additions to Tim Hortons Anytime Snacker menu, which includes buttery and flaky pastries served warm and enjoyed as a snack. Tim Hortons has introduced two flavours to Canadians: Roasted Red Pepper and Swiss, along with Caramelized Onion and Parmesan. They come in a round shape and are thick and fluffy.

What are Tim Hortons Anytime Snacker menu items?

In November 2022, Tim Hortons introduced a new category of savoury snacks to its menu for customers to enjoy a light bite alongside another meal or on its own. The Anytime Snackers are an extension of their other savoury items but include flaky and buttery baked goods. You might have already enjoyed Tim Hortons’ Herb and Garlic and Jalapeno pastries, and if that’s the case, then now there are more scrumptious options to choose from.

How do the Tim Hortons Savoury Pinwheels taste?

While we love Tim Hortons donuts and breakfast sandwiches, the Savoury Pinwheels have easily found a spot in our hearts.

The first bite of the Roasted Red Pepper and Swiss Savoury Pinwheel was quite delightful. Not only was the pastry bursting with flavour, but it was also perfectly warm. The roasted red pepper is quite herb-forward and tastes similar to a marinara sauce. However, the addition of Swiss cheese made for a balanced bite. Overall, it tasted like a croissant version of a pizza, and we’re here for it.

Meanwhile, the Caramelized Onion and Parmesan Savoury Pinwheel was shockingly delicious. While we thought the Roasted Red Pepper and Swiss would be the winner of this taste test, our opinion changed after a few bites of the Caramelized Onion and Parmesan pinwheel. The bag it came in was quite aromatic in the best kind of way. The pastry’s flaky outer layer gave it a satisfying crunch, while the inside was addictively gooey. If you’re worried about the onion being too overpowering, it really wasn’t, which is why it took us by complete surprise.

Overall, the pinwheels are perfect for anyone looking for a cheap and quick pick-me-up snack without the mess.

How much are the Tim Hortons Savoury Pinwheels?

The new Savoury Pinwheels are available at Tim Hortons participating restaurants nationwide and are available for delivery through the Tim Hortons mobile app. The baked goods retail for about $3 but prices vary by region.