Grocery Prices Are Increasing for Canadians in 2023 – Here’s How to Save

With grocery prices increasing in 2023, you may be looking to trim down your monthly household expenses. A recent study conducted by Dalhousie University predicts food prices to rise by 5-7% by the end of the year. Researchers say that an average family of four will need to spend about $16,288 on food in 2023 alone – an increase of over $1000 the year prior. For households of two, the cost of food might reach up to $7,711 this year.

That might look scary on paper, but fear not! It doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat canned beans at every meal. Carving out a little extra time and getting into a few of these simple routines can significantly reduce your bill without having to sacrifice on your favourite meals and snacks.

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