Zellers Just Revealed Their Nostalgia-Packed Comeback Menu

grilled cheese sandwich

ICYMI, beloved Canadian department store Zellers is making a comeback in a big way. Starting this spring, Zellers will be rolling out at Hudson’s Bay stores across the country, bringing their lifestyle and homewares back to Canadians at their signature low prices. What’s more, Zellers just announced that their iconic diner menu will be making a return, too. Read on for everything to know.


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What’s on the menu?

Zellers launched a nationwide poll to determine which classic food items should be revived from their Zellers Diner. The results:

  1. Big Z Burger
  2. Hot Chicken Sandwich
  3. Grilled Cheese
  4. Chicken Fingers
  5. Fries and Gravy

Where can I find it?

Zellers locations within the Hudson’s Bay won’t be able to house a full diner, so Zellers will be rolling out Zellers Diner on Wheels food trucks to serve their diner favourites. These food trucks will celebrate the opening of Zellers within Hudson’s bay.

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How long will it be available for?

Since these Zellers Diners on Wheels are operating for the launch of Zellers within Hudson’s Bay, the food trucks will only be available for “a series of days this spring,” according to the brand.

When is this happening?

Zellers has not released official dates for their openings just yet, but has indicated that openings can be expected in early 2023, which is promising!

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