At Lucky Cheng’s, there’s a lot that
goes on that doesn’t quite meet the eye—especially when the eye is a
family-friendly TV camera. To be a little more direct, we made a G-rated
segment out of an X-rated experience!


An evening at Lucky Cheng’s starts with
cocktails with provocative names that even I am too bashful to name in print.
Once the guests are liquored up—and let me tell you, it doesn’t seem to take
much encouraging—the real fun begins. For starters, there’s an in-house balloon
artist who specializes in twisting balloons into an array of shapes that are
usually only seen in stores with names like The Pleasure Chest. Then there is
the comedy, the singing, the karaoke and finally, if you are lucky, dancing on
the tables. As the night progresses, so does the risqué nature of the
performances. It’s no wonder that the club bills itself as “the drag queen
capitol of the world” and “the bachelorette capitol of the universe”.

Most of the “girls” at Lucky Cheng’s
have been working there for years. And they take a lot of pride in their work —
it’s no small feat to squeeze a pair of broad shoulders into a slinky black
dress, apply layers of make-up and plenty of accessories, and work the crowd
into a frenzy every night—three times on weekends! There is even a hierarchy
with the most senior of the girls getting the largest dressing rooms, a fact
they were very proud to share with me.

all of the action, it’s hard not to be drawn into the excitement. In a moment
of weakness, I allowed myself to be dragged (no pun intended) backstage where I
was stuffed into a dress, topped with a wig and slathered with fiery red lipstick.
Then I was handed a microphone and quite literally tossed out onto the tiny
stage. Without warning, Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” started
blaring from the speakers, and it was my turn to perform. Let’s just say that
my performance didn’t threaten the livelihoods of Cyndi Lauper or the girls of Lucky Cheng’s, but like
everyone else in the room, I had an experience I will never forget.