My vision behind Hawksworth Restaurant has always been to serve seasonal and regional cuisine. We strive to use the best local and Canadian-made ingredients, with quality and excellence being the driving factor. My goal is to blend a range of culinary techniques to create a menu that showcases what it truly means to serve contemporary Canadian cuisine.

The importance of using local ingredients stems from my belief that food isn’t meant to travel far distances, and when it does, I feel it loses its quality and freshness—and this is something you are able to taste in the finished dish. At Hawksworth Restaurant, our goal is to provide a dining experience similar to one you would find in any large metropolitan city, whether it’s Boston, London or Hong Kong, while still using local produce, some of which is grown mere blocks away from the restaurant in downtown Vancouver.

Below are some of our recipes using the best quality ingredients for you to enjoy!

Dungeness Crab with Okanagan Apricot, Radish and Nasturtium Salad


Crispy Skin Salmon with Wild Murshrooms and English Pea Jalapeno Nage


Frozen Paleta Treats


Strawberry Sour