bbq food

Image by Mike Crane Photography

In the fall of 2013 the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre’s Ambassador led tour was named a Canadian Signature experience by the Canadian Tourism Commission.  The tour, which is led by a member of the Squamish or Lil’wat Nations, guides guests through the Great Hall’s towering carved welcome poles, ocean-going canoes and feature exhibits that complete this remarkable Cultural Centre. The guides also share songs, stories and legends as they make their way to the traditional longhouse where guests can make a cedar bracelet.

Plan your trip so that  you’re in Whistler on a Tuesday night; this way you can not only take part in the guided tour but finish your evening at their First Nations BBQ.  Cedar Grilled Salmon and Bison Sausages top the menu list and are complemented by a variety of salads made with local traditional ingredients and plenty of Bannock – traditional fried or baked bread.
The setting for this BBQ is on their south facing mezzanine patio, where guests can take in some end-of-day sun while also looking through the traditional buildings – the Istken and the Longhouse.  For those with a green thumb, you will be delighted to see the many traditional plants scattered throughout their gardens or talk to the guides about the plants that were traditionally used for food.   This BBQ is truly a cultural experience, which brings together traditional drumming, storytelling, art and cuisine.

Complete your trip to Whistler with a First Nations BBQ dinner and tour of the award-winning Squamish Líl’wat Cultural Centre for a truly First Nations experience, happening every Tuesday from 5pm – 8pm (May 13th to the September 23rd).  

Check out the SLCC’s website for information about the BBQ and to make sure the night has not already sold out!

Recipe images by David Buzzard Photography