We all know breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We know it gets our metabolism going and provides us with the boost of energy we need to get through meeting after meeting. But we don’t really listen, do we? In our typical morning rush, we’ll willingly throw back a bowl of sugar-coated cereal, grab a carby breakfast sandwich on the go or chug down a cup or two of coffee, just to get us out the door on time. I mean, who has time to whip up some fancy meal at dawn anyway?

breakfast toast

Well, I’m here to prove it’s possible to make yourself a quick, healthy and inexpensive energy-boosting breakfast each and every morning, all based on the ultimate go-to snack: toast. Here are 3 delicious breakfast toast ideas that each require 3 simple ingredients.

breakfast toast 1

What You Need:
– Light cream cheese
– Raspberries
– Blueberries

breakfast toast 2

What You Need:
– Almond Butter
– Bananas
– Strawberries

breakfast toast 3

What You Need:
– 1 Organic egg
– Spring lettuce mix
– 1 Tomato

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