To most, a good cup of tea is a form of comfort or a remedy, but loose-leaf tea can actually take your culinary creations from average to extraordinary simply by incorporating it into your usual ingredients. Cooking with loose-leaf tea has quickly become a popular trend among foodies and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. From baked goods and desserts to party-pleasing cocktails, tea is a truly versatile ingredient. Not only does tea provide a number of healthy and nutritional benefits, it’s also a great ingredient that can add some exciting and unique flavours to a dish.

With a wide variety of teas on the market, there are endless possibilities to this culinary trend. Loose-leaf teas contain many spices, nuts, fruits and floral notes that can heavily impact your other ingredients, so choosing the right tea is important for a successful dish.

For baking, it’s best to use an herbal tea that contains fruits or nuts, as the food will adapt to the teas aroma and flavour. Many loose-leaf teas, like the ones available at DAVIDsTEA, contain real pieces of fruits and nuts making it an ideal ingredient for baking. Simply incorporate the steeped tea into your batter or mixture before baking. Finding these teas is not as difficult as you may think, as you probably have these favourites in your cupboards regularly! Chai and early grey are two popular teas that are great for baking. DAVIDsTEA Cream of Earl Grey, a creamy take on the classic, lends itself beautifully to this Chocolate Bread Pudding recipe.


With real cinnamon and cloves, Pure Chai is the perfect spice addition to these Chai Cinnamon Bun Mini Cheesecakes.


Iced tea is the ultimate summer beverage, and iced tea cocktails are even better for the adults at the party! Teas are the ideal base for your summer cocktails, because they already pack a ton of flavour on their own. Fruit-based herbal teas work best for cocktails as they contain fragrant and distinguishable ingredients (and they’re even low-cal!) Mojito’s are a fun summer classic that can take on many forms and flavours. With a berry-flavoured tea like Bear Trap, it’s easy to make a fruity, minty cocktail that’s great for the patio. This Bear Trap Mojito also has Raspberry agave for added berry goodness!


These delicious recipes are courtesy of Bite Me More.