Our Honest Review of the 818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee Espresso Martini

Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain sipping espresso martinis
818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee / Credit: Nick Wiesner

Espresso martinis seem to be the hottest drink at the moment. Every restaurant and brand is putting its own twist on the newly iconic drink that gives you a caffeine boost alongside a fun libation. Traditionally this cocktail is made with espresso, coffee liqueur and vodka, but Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain have decided to change the game. In a new collaboration, Kendall’s 818 Tequila and Emma’s Chamberlain Coffee have teamed up to create the ultimate espresso martini made with tequila instead of vodka. We had the chance to try out Kendall and Emma’s espresso martini to answer the question, is an espresso martini better with tequila? Read on for everything you need to know about this exciting collaboration plus our honest review.


What is the Chamberlain Coffee and 818 Tequila Espresso Martini Kit?

Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain have joined forces to create the ultimate espresso martini kit. Chamberlain Coffee has released a limited edition single-serve coffee inspired by the flavours of 818 Tequilla. It is a candied pecan cold brew coffee available in Chamberlain Coffee’s signature single-serve packets. When speaking about the collaboration, Emma said in a press release, “We played around and ended up creating a unique take on an espresso martini that we know people will love. The Chamberlain Coffee Candied Pecan Cold Brew Singles with the 818 Tequila Reposado flavours is nutty and sweet and perfect.”

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The bundle kit (which was only available for a limited time) featured cold brew singles, a cocktail shaker, and a martini glass. The Candied Pecan cold brew singles are still available for a limited time on gopuff. The coffee retails for about $25 and 818 Tequila Resposado can be purchased at your provincial liquor store, prices will vary regionally.

What liquor is best for an espresso martini?

As mentioned before an espresso martini is traditionally made with vodka. However, Kendall and Emma definitely think tequila is the best liquor for an espresso martini. “We’re settling the debate, once and for all,” says Kendall in the press release. “Espresso martinis taste best when they’re made with tequila.” People also debate whether Kahlua or Baileys is the better coffee liqueur for an espresso martini. But we all think it’s all about trying different combos and knowing what you prefer. For example, we never knew how good tequila was in an espresso martini until we tried Emma and Kendall’s.

818 Tequila Chamberlain Coffee Espresso Martini

818 Tequila and Chamberlain Coffee / Credit: Nick Wiesner

What is Kendall Jenner and Emma Chamberlain’s tequila espresso martini recipe?

In addition to releasing the ultimate espresso martini kit, Kendall and Emma also released a recipe for their own espresso martini. The recipe, which is available on the Chamberlain Coffee website, requires the candied pecan cold brew, 818 Tequila Reposado, coffee liqueur, either cinnamon or simple syrup and of course, some coffee beans to garnish the cocktail. You combine all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice, shake, strain into a martini glass and enjoy! In a video demonstrating how to make their cocktail, Kendall says that this drink has made her love coffee. “Please go make this at home I highly recommend it. It’s so delicious!” Kendall says. “You’re going to love it!” Emma adds.  Well, did we love it? Read on to find out.

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How does Kendall Jenner and Emma Chambelain’s espresso martini taste?

When it comes to espresso martinis, we are super picky. Even though the recipes look simple, the combinations don’t always feel like they are perfected at home. In other words, there are only a handful of espresso martinis that we have tried and liked. However, Kendall and Emma have opened our eyes to a new world of espresso martinis.

We tried this cocktail with Baileys and simple syrup as one combination, and Kahlua and cinnamon syrup as the other. We enjoyed both but we liked the spice of the cinnamon and the creaminess of the Baileys. Next time we are going to try that combo. This cocktail is strong but we loved how the nuttiness of the candied pecan cold brew blended with the 818 tequila and evened out that intensity. It was creamy, had warm notes and gave us a little pick-me-up, thanks to the cinnamon syrup and cold brew. It’s safe to say, we will be drinking espresso martinis with tequila all summer long.