Our Honest Review of the New Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Dessert

Nothing says summer like a big scoop of ice cream on a hot, sunny day. And now, plant-based eaters can get in on the fun too, as beloved ice cream brand Haagen Dazs has just released three new plant-based frozen desserts. Read on for everything you need to know about the cool treats, along with our honest review of them.


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What flavours do the Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Desserts come in?

The Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Desserts come in three flavours that are also available in a non-plant-based format. The flavours are chocolate peanut butter, caramel fudge chip, and vanilla raspberry truffle.

What are the Haagen Dazs Frozen Desserts made of?

The Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Desserts are made with an oat base which gives them a creamy texture while still being plant-based and vegan. However, non-plant-based ice cream lovers will still enjoy these frozen desserts, as they are very similar to the traditional ice cream you typically get from Haagen Dazs.

Where can I buy the Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Dessert?

The Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Desserts can be found at most major grocery stores including Loblaws, Metro, Walmart and Sobeys. Prices range from $6-$7, depending on your region.

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Plant-Based Chocolate Peanut Butter Frozen Dessert Review

If you are a chocolate peanut butter lover, you are going to love this plant-based dessert. A chocolate base is combined with big peanut butter swirls to create the perfect bite, you would never know it was plant-based. The thick peanut butter also adds a different texture to the creamy chocolate frozen dessert which is very rich and decadent. As chocolate ice cream lovers, we can’t get enough of this delicious frozen dessert and it’s a great bonus that it is plant-based.

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Plant-Based Caramel Fudge Chip Frozen Dessert Review

With a caramel base that’s loaded with almond-based caramel swirls and fudge chips, this plant-based frozen dessert will leave your taste buds smiling. The almond-based caramel swirls are delightfully sweet and full of flavour. They almost remind us of the caramel sauce that gets poured all over your ice cream at the local ice cream shop. The fudge chips are large and add a bit of crunch to the dessert which is perfect for the people who love lots of stuff in their ice cream. Our only critique is that the caramel frozen dessert base is not as creamy as we would have liked it to be, but the flavours make up for it.

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Plant-Based Vanilla Raspberry Truffle Frozen Dessert Review

Out of all the Haagen Dazs Plant-Based Frozen Desserts, this one is definitely our favourite and not just because of the gorgeous pink raspberry swirl you see when you open the carton. The vanilla base pairs perfectly with the rich truffle pieces and the refreshing raspberry swirls. A bowl of this tastes like a perfect summer day. The standout flavour in the pint is definitely the raspberry sauce which creates the swirls. It adds a tangy note to the sweet vanilla frozen dessert made with the oat base and the decedent chocolate truffle pieces. This is a plant-based dessert we will be snacking on all summer long.

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