Our Honest Review of Matty Matheson’s Macaroni and Cheese

Matty Matheson Mac and Cheese
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There are few foods more comforting than a warm bowl of macaroni and cheese. From boxed mac and cheese to homemade, it always satisfies. Well, now celebrity chef and The Bear star Matty Matheson has released a boxed macaroni and cheese to enjoy in three flavours. But the big question is, how do they taste? Will they have you saying “yes chef” after each bite? Read on for our honest review of the new Matheson Food mac and cheese plus a ranking of the flavours!


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What are the Matty Matheson mac and cheese flavours?

Matheson Foods has released boxed macaroni and cheese in three exciting flavours — Original, Cracked Pep Pep and Creamy Smoky Mac. The noodles are ditalini-shaped rather than traditional elbow macaroni. The cheese comes in a powdered form and is mixed with milk and butter to make the cheesy, saucy goodness that we all know and love. In addition, the packaging is kind of retro which heightens the nostalgic feeling even more.

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What does the Matty Matheson mac and cheese taste like?

Macaroni and cheese is one of our favourite foods. There is nothing better than boxed mac and cheese after a night out and we think the Matheson Food Company mac and cheese may be our new go-to. They taste like an elevated boxed mac and cheese and the three flavours were all so different, so we couldn’t get bored of them. Read on for our honest ranking of the different mac and cheese flavours from our least favourite to favourite.

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Cracked Pep Pep

If you like white cheddar macaroni and cheese you will love this. The cheese is much sharper compared to the other two flavours and is described as balanced, peppery and creamy by the Matheson Food Company. This mac and cheese reminded us a little bit of cacio e pepe, which we love! It was absolutely creamy and we definitely thought the white cheddar and pepper balanced each other out perfectly. However, we wish that there was even more pepper! We ended up adding a few extra cracks of black pepper to get our personal desired pepper levels. But overall we loved the Matheson Food Company’s answer to a white cheddar mac and cheese.

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Creamy Smoky Mac

The Creamy Smoky Mac is described as aromatic, savoury and rich. This mac and cheese is super unique and we were shocked by how much we loved it. It’s very flavourful and certainly has that smokey flavour. This mac reminded us of a smoked brisket or bacon and the smell was very reminiscent of a bag of BBQ chips. While it is not as cheesy as the other flavours, we still really enjoyed the dynamic flavours of this bowl. We love heating things up, so we added a little hot sauce for an extra kick and it brought this flavour to the next level.

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Nothing beats the original and that is certainly true in this case! The Original Macaroni and Cheese is described as bright, tangy and sharp and that is why we loved it. As mentioned earlier, the ditalini noodles add an exciting element that makes even a classic mac and cheese stand out. This was super cheesy, saucy and rich! It’s hard to believe this isn’t homemade because the flavour is unlike anything we’ve seen or tasted in boxed mac and cheese. We know this is one that we will be adding to our shopping cart next time we go grocery shopping.

Where can I find the Matty Matheson mac and cheese?

You can find the Matty Matheson mac and cheese and other Matheson Food products at Longos, Farm Boy, IGA, Walmart and select independent grocers across Canada.

How much are the Matty Matheson mac and cheeses?

Depending on your region, the Matheson Food Company mac and cheese retails for about $4.