Our Honest Review of Nespresso’s Summer Iced Coffee Flavours

Nespresso iced coffee
Nespresso Canada

Nothing is more refreshing in the summer heat than an iced drink. From iced coffee to lemonades and bubble tea, an iced cold drink is sure to cool you down. Nespresso is helping coffee lovers stay refreshed this summer thanks to some returning and new iced coffee pods. Released alongside their new Mediterranean-inspired Pantone collaboration, these three coffee pods will transport your taste buds to an exotic vacation from the comfort of your own home. Read on for everything you need to know about the Nespresso and Pantone collaboration plus a review of the the Nespresso iced coffee pods.


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Nespresso Canada

What is Nespresso’s collaboration with Pantone?

To celebrate the sunny season, Nespresso has released a summer collection designed to “evoke the Mediterranean lifestyle” according to a press release. In addition to “new and fan-favourite coffee flavours” they have also launched a variety of accessories “brought to life with a splash of sun-drenched colour in collaboration with Pantone.” Pantone created a colour palette inspired by Mediterranean locations such as the French Riviera, the Greek Islands and the Balkan Peninsula. The colour palette includes shades such as Mandarin Orange, Habanero Gold, Muskmelon, Aquarelle and Blue Iolite. Accessories include an upcycled tote bag, an ice cube tray, affogato bowls, ice lolly molds, coasters, a no-spill iced coffee tumbler, a travel mug and a milk frother, all of which feature the Pantone colour palette.

What are Nespresso’s summer coffee pods?

Returning to Nespresso’s summer lineup is the Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice pod. They have also added a new pod to the lineup, Sunny Almond Vanilla Over Ice. In addition, Nespresso also has three pods specifically created for brewing iced coffee that are available year-round. Because although iced coffee hits differently in the summer, more and more people are drinking it all year long. Nespresso’s iced coffee pods are the Ice Forte, Ice Leggero and Cold Brew Style Intense. So how do these pods taste? Here are our reviews.

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Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice Pod

Typically we are not the biggest fans of Nespresso’s flavoured pods. However, the Tropical Coconut pod as well as the Sunny Almond Vanilla pod surprised us. This pod has a mild coconut flavour which gives you a tropical feeling with a smooth sip. Usually, we add some milk or sweetener to our coffee, but we felt like this didn’t need it. The coconut added the perfect amount of sweetness and also mellowed out the coffee’s intensity. This pod has opened our eyes to Nespresso’s flavoured coffees and we look forward to sipping on it all summer long.

Nespresso Canada

Sunny Almond Vanilla Over Ice

Not only is the design of this pod so cute (we think it resembles a beach ball or towel), the coffee itself is great as well. The vanilla flavour was slightly too strong for our taste, but the almond added a great nutty flavour. We paired this espresso-sized pod with some almond milk, and it made for a refreshing iced coffee.

Where can I buy the Nespresso iced coffee pods?

The iced coffee pods are available in-store at Nespresso boutiques or through their website. A sleeve of 10 Tropical Coconut Flavour Over Ice pods retails for $15. A sleeve of 10 Sunny Almond Vanilla Over Ice pods or Ice Forte pods retails for about $14. A sleeve of 10 Ice Leggero pods retails for about $12. Prices may vary by region. The Tropical Coconut and Sunny Almond pods are a limited time offer, so make sure you get them before the summer ends.