Fun Bites to Add to Your Next Girl Dinner

ICYMI, Girl Dinner is the food trend making waves on TikTok right now, and we are so here for it. It’s essentially a lazy take on a charcuterie board: a random assortment of snacks on a plate that are all equally delicious in their own right, but not necessarily aesthetic or impressive to look at. The trend started when TikToker @liviemaher coined the term on May 11, saying in a TikTok “I cannot find the TikTok right now, but a girl just came on here and said how in medieval times, peasants had to eat nothing but bread and cheese and how awful that was, and she was like, ‘that’s my ideal meal.’ This is my dinner.” The TikTok pans to her humble dinner of a clump of grapes, a wedge of cheese, and a couple hunks of baguette. “I call this, ‘girl dinner,’” says the creator.

To date, the #girldinner hashtag has 8.2 million views, with a steady stream of creators showing off their own Girl Dinners. Although all Girl Dinners are different, most of them consist of: something pickled, a carb like bread or crackers, a protein like tinned fish or deli meat, fruit like grapes or cherries and little cheese to round things out.

While we love an impressive dinner any day of the week, the truth is that dinners don’t always need to be a full cooked meal. Sometimes, eating snacks can be just fine — and it’s a great way to clear out the pantry, too! If you’re looking to take your Girl Dinner up a notch or just craving easy snacks to have on hand, read on for our roundup of fun bites to add to your next Girl Dinner.

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