Awards shows can be a mixed bag—for every Miley-with-a-foam-finger moment there seems to be endless montages, awkward teleprompter reads and orchestra cut-offs. But we watch. Religiously.

On August 25, TV (and a few movie) stars will convene for the Emmy Awards, or as I like to call them, “the less-fun-than-the-Golden-Globes-but-more-entertaining-than-the-Oscars” Awards. As viewers, we love to analyze every gown choice and gracious “loser” face—preferably with a group of appropriately snarky friends.

But we’re only getting a sliver of the night. When the show is over, the fun part actually begins; celebs loosen up and head to the after-parties, where they can swig champagne and hobnob in their natural habitat. The Emmys are immediately followed by the traditional Governors Ball, which includes a full dinner. And that’s what piques my interest; what do the actors want to indulge in after weeks of red carpet prep (read: air diets).

So how does a chef prep for a rainbow of dietary restrictions, from gluten-free to no-carb requests? Chef Joachim Splichal has created a menu that’s both trendy and decadent—kale is represented (it is LA, after all) and so are seasonal ingredients like peaches and heirloom tomatoes. Oh and chocolate s’mores with torched marshmallow fluff and chocolate pop rocks (we don’t remember making those at camp).

We’re plucking a recipe for our very own Emmy party. Sure, I’ll be judging best dressed from the comfort of my couch (while wearing sweatpants), but at least I’ll be eating like a star, right?


The 66th Primetime Emmy Awards Governors Ball first course: Grilled Peach and Heirloom Tomato Salad -Image courtesy of the Television Academy

Image Get the full Emmys Governors Ball menu here.

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