They say chefs are the new rock stars, so it only makes sense they would break bread with their A-list counterparts; actors.

Hollywood is as obsessed with culinary stars as we are. So here’s a few friendships forged between the biggest names in both worlds.



1. Mario Batali counts Jake Gyllenhaal, Courtney Love, Jimmy Fallon and Gwyneth Paltrow as BFF’s. Yes, it’s true. Paltrow is friends with someone who wears Crocs! (more on that below.) Batali’s status as Iron Chef, successful restauranteur and TV host draws a lot of attention, and his slew of hot spots in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are celebrity magnets. Gyllenhaal is all about making spaghetti a-la-Mario, and Maria’s Twitter feed is an A-list love fest, featuring everyone from Courtney Love to Leanne Rimes to John C. Reilly.

2. Gwyneth Paltrow and, well, everyone. Roy Choi, Ina Garten and as mentioned above, Mario Batali, all count the blonde actress-turned-cookbook author as a friend. She has boasted about having dinner at Batali’s house (alongside Emeril, no less) and often features his recipes in Goop–like the doughnuts he specially prepared for her kids, Apple and Moses. Roy Choi popped in for an afternoon of cooking with Iron Man director and Chef star, Jon Favreau, and Paltrow and Ina Garten have rubbed elbows in the Hamptons. While many celebrities have tried to cozy up to the Barefoot Contessa star, she’s very selective about who she spends her time with; Jennifer Garner told W Magazine that she was turned away from a guest stint on Garten’s show. Ouch.

3. Gordon Ramsay and The Beckhams: we don’t necessarily equate Posh Spice with “big appetite,” but Victoria and David Beckham have broken bread many times with the cantankerous British chef. In fact, they spent this past Easter together hiking the Grand Canyon. Do you think he yells at Victoria when she doesn’t clean her plate?

4. Blake Lively and Martha Stewart: the matriarch of homemaking perfection, Martha Stewart has taken a shine to cupcake-enthusiast and newly-minted lifestyle curator, Blake Lively. Stewart was one of the few celebs on-hand for Blake’s wedding with Canadian heartthrob Ryan Reynolds, and snagged exclusive photos from the Southern-chic ceremony for Martha Stewart Weddings. Lively recently told Vogue that Stewart even acted as her de facto wedding planner, swooping in to help with last-minute disasters. It’s a good thing.

MariaMaria Tallarico is a writer and editor with several years experience in the lifestyle realm, covering everything from luxury travel to pop culture for both print and digital publications including Forbes, and, as well as appearing regularly as an on-air entertainment contributor for CTV Morning Live. She lives in Vancouver with her husband, two boys and grumpy Scottish Terrier.