I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “You eat with your eyes first” and in today’s world — where taking a perfect picture of a plate of food is almost as satisfying as actually eating it — that couldn’t be more true. No matter how much one travels and how much one eats, it’s pretty hard to stay up-to-date on everything that’s being cooked up in restaurant kitchens across the country.

From the West Coast all the way over to the East, here are 13 Instagram accounts that help you get a taste of localized Canadian food scenes. (And will tease you if you happen to be hungry.)

1. Erin Ireland @erinireland (Vancouver , BC)
Aside from putting time and effort into her growing gourmet food empire (It’s To Die For), Ireland also chronicles the best of what this coastal city has to offer through her blog, ItsToDieFor.ca. The nice thing about Ireland’s pictures, is that she has a vested interest in vegetable-forward diets, so there is a lot of worthwhile information for people on vegan, vegetarian or raw diets.

erin ireland instagram

2. Mijune Pak @followmefoodie (Vancouver, BC)
If there’s one person on this list who’s most likely to have actually eaten every single item off every single menu in their city, it’s probably Mijune Pak. Chef competitions, restaurant openings, late night bites…you name it, Pak is at it and snapping pictures along the way. She also travels outside of the country quite a bit, so you get a good dose of worldly culinary content with her too!

Mijune Pak Instagram

3. Bonnie Huang @scrumptiouslyfitfood (Calgary, AB)
If you aren’t quite sure where to go for dinner in this Albertan city, then look no further than Huang’s Instagram feed for some inspiration. Aside from hitting all of the hot spots around the city, Huang also loves to showcase the hidden gems of China Town and International Avenue (17th Avenue SE), as well as the best Vietnamese restaurants in the city. I think we can all appreciate a quality bowl of pho at this time of year!

bonnie huang instagram

4. Vincci Tsui @Vincci_T (Calgary, AB)
Blogging before it was the ‘cool’ thing to do, Tsui is Calgary’s original restaurant review-focused blogger. Now, she’s the restaurant reviewer for a local magazine where she lets Calgarians know which places are up to snuff and which ones aren’t. Her combination of pictures of home cooking and dining out shows you that she can whip up a decent meal at home and knows what a good dinner should taste like as well.

Vincci Tsui  Instagram

5. Karlynn Johnston @thekitchenmagpie (Edmonton, AB)
An avid baker and popular blogger in Edmonton, Johnston dines out regularly at many of this city’s top notch restaurants like Rostizado, Corso 32 and more. It’s always guaranteed that she’ll be at most restaurant launch events, so you can get a sneak peek of the new food in town before you can even reserve a table for yourself.

Karlynn Johnson  Instagram

6. Jenn Sharp @jennksharp (Saskatoon and Regina, SK)
As the editor for Bridges (a lifestyle magazine that focuses on Saskatoon and Regina), Sharp is an expert when it comes to dining in either prairie city. Alright, so maybe Jenn Sharp just got Instagram this week, but her twitter feed by the same name and hash tag #sharpeats are where Saskatoon and Regina foodies know to go to find out what’s happening in both of the cities food scenes. Her Instagram feed is just beginning, but I know it’s going to be delicious.

Jenn Sharp Instagram

7. Renee Kohlman @sweetsugarbean (Saskatoon, SK)
Working as a pastry chef during the day, Kohlman will often share the baking and desserts she whips up in the kitchen, but by night, she works as a food writer for the city’s paper, The StarPhoenix. The fact that Kohlman is a trained chef, makes you feel at ease when she declares something as delicious, A taste bud of a chef’s is a trusted one!

renee kohlman instagram

8. Shel Zolkewich @shelzolkewich (Winnipeg, MB)
As a food columnist for Metro Newspaper in Winnipeg, it’s Zolkewich’s job to eat and drink and then eat and drink some more. A task which she is happy to take on.

Shel Zolkewich Instagram

9. Pay Chen @paychen (Toronto, ON)
Part television and radio personality and part food-loving Torontonian, Chen is always looks for something to eat. The best part about following along with this woman when she’s out on the town having a bite or two, is the fact that you can tell she’s having fun. After all, food should be fun.

pay chen instagram

10. Ivy Knight @swallowdaily (Toronto, ON)
When she’s not writing about food for Vice, her own website SwallowDaily.com or others, you’ll find Knight hosting 86’d, an industry party on Monday nights at The Drake Hotel. She’s previously worked in restaurant kitchens, so Knight is pretty tight with a lot of Toronto chefs, so you’ll get a bit more candid photos with her Instagram than just simply plates of food.

Ivy Knight Instagram

11. Ian Harrison @blumsteinboy (Montreal, QC)
As Eater Montreal’s editor, it’s no surprise that this guy gets around town. Eater’s up-to-the-minute style of restaurant reporting is a good tool for finding out what chef is working where, what new spots are opening soon and more.

Ian Harrison Instagram

12. Marie Asselin @foodnouveau (Quebec City, QC)
For many, especially in Western Canada, Quebec City can be a bit of a mysterious, even remote location. Taking away from of the mystique of the food scene here and making everyone hungry while she’s at it, is popular Quebecois blogger, Marie Asselin and yes, her website is en anglaise, mes amis!

marie. asselin instagram

13. Kathy Jollimore @eathalifax (Halifax, NS)
There is a lot more to this city’s culinary scene than simply lobsters and donair and Jollimore’s Instagram feed reminds you of that every single day. Whether she’s grabbing a bite to eat at a hot spot like Edna or stopping by the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market to pick up some groceries, it’s definitely worth tagging along with her for the ride.

Kathy Jollimore  Instagram

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