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With over 1,600 Canadian food bloggers as members and growing weekly, Food Bloggers of Canada (FBC) has got all your food desires covered. Not only does FBC offer terrific resources for bloggers to become masters of their craft, but we proudly offer awesome content which has mass appeal for all food lovers! Food bloggers continue to produce some of the very best and tastiest stuff on the web and FBC is home to something for every reader and appetite out there!


FBC Columns

At FBC, we love to give our talented members the chance to step outside of their blog and showcase their skills to create awesome series. Let someone who is an expert in Indian cooking share what they have in their The Spice Box.

Or who better than a PhD chemist turned baker and blogger to use science when explaining what happens in your oven?! That’s what the Kitchen Geekery is all about.

With the craft beer scene exploding in Canada, there are literally too many to try, so FBC has brought on two of the most knowledgeable in the industry to share their wealth of frothy beer knowledge in Canada’s Craft Beer Scene Series.

And nowadays with food sensitivities being more important than ever, we found a food blogger with a nutritionist background who has to deal with food allergies in her own day-to-day lifestyle. A perfect person to take something everyone takes for granted like hamburgers or granola bars and make them accessible for all which inspired the Allergen-Friendly Recipe Remix.

FBC Round-ups

When you talk about bloggers, you’re usually talking about those that blog about their cooking and baking escapades or restaurant bloggers who are combing the city for the next great find. FBC has both covered with their most popular features, Recipe and Restaurant round-ups!

If you need inspiration for the holidays, or what to serve during the big game, it’s all there for you in the FBC Recipe Round-up section! Beautiful photos, easy to follow recipes and that personal touch of why that particular recipe means so much to that blogger.

And for those that are interested in having someone else do the cooking for them, the FBC Restaurant Round-up crew covers the best places to eat from coast-to-coast! If you need to know where to find the best burgers, poutine, chicken wings or have brunch, look no further because bloggers have got you covered!

Anyone can become a blogger!

Do you love to eat, cook, take photos of your food and share it with others? If so, you might very well be an aspiring food blogger! Joining FBC is free and allow you to get access to the monthly newsletter and be up-to-date on everything that is happening in the Canadian food blog scene. For more information, check out the membership info page.

A National Food Blogger Conference!

Did you know that FBC organizes and hosts Canada’s only national food blogging conference? After Ontario in 2013 and British Columbia in 2014, we’re excited to be heading to Montreal, Quebec, October 23-25, 2015!

Where to Find FBC

Aside from the FBC website, you can find FBC on all the usual places for tons of mouth-water photos and valuable information.

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