It’s not surprising that everyone’s favourite childhood treats—which come with tons of sugar and fun shapes—are still flying off the shelves.

So we’ve round up the sweetest snacks you loved as a kid, but with a grown-up twist!

  1. Dunkaroos:  Butterscotch White Chocolate Brownie Bites 
  2. Gushers:  Fruit Jellies
  3. Fruit by the Foot:  Raspberry Peach Fruit Leather
  4. Pudding Cups:  Dark Chocolate Baked Pudding 
  5. Twinkies:  Strawberries and Cream Sponge Cake 
  6. Hostess Cupcakes:  Chocolate Spice Cupcake with Chocolate Swirl Frosting
  7. Peanut Butter Ritz Bits Sandwiches:  Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies
  8. Oreos:  Chocolate Vanilla Sandwich Cookies
  9. Pop Tarts:  Mini Berry Tarts