Sure, you may have already checked your horoscope for the year ahead, but before you really dig into 2018, you’ll need to know what the stars have to say about your favourite foods and eating habits. Food astrologer Angel Eyedealism reveals which meals every sign in the zodiac should be eating for a healthier and more delicious 2018.


As the first zodiac sign in astrology, Aries like things fast — even their food.  Aries love the immediate gratification that comes from a tasty (and let’s face it, unhealthy) treat or alcoholic beverage, but they could benefit from slowing down the speedy eating habits and opting for one of these protein-packed meatless meals for a healthier change.


People with this sign are considered the foodies of the zodiac universe, with a penchant for the most luxurious foods in the world. Tauruses love to slowly devour their food, enjoying each and every bite.


Variety is the spice of life for these gourmands, who love to switch it up. And lucky Geminis, they have a fast metabolism so they can benefit from all the flavours life has to offer. But watch your mouth, Gemini — while you eat, that is.


Cancers are considered to be culinary experts. People of this sign will prefer a home-cooked meal to a restaurant, as they tend to have more sensitive stomachs. Watch out though — cancers can be emotional eaters, so it can be tough to steer clear of the snacks when emotions run high.


Lobsters, caviar, champagne — these are the foods that a Leo tends to love. Those born under this sign appreciate only the finest ingredients that life has to offer. Leos tend to spend less time in the kitchen, as they’d much rather head to a fine-dining restaurant and be waited on hand and foot.


Virgos exhibit a critical attention to detail, which makes them excellent chefs. From creating a grocery list to plating to perfection, those with this zodiac sign know how to create stunning dishes. However, busy Virgos often get caught up in the day-to-day and neglect meal prep, opting for quick on-the-go dishes rather than the culinary creations they’re able to develop.


Those born under Libra are your Instagram foodies. They want their meals to look as gorgeous as they taste, so you can often catch them snapping shots of their dishes before indulging. They love sweets, but Libras are known to eat healthier and lighter than most other signs.


This sign is a spicy one! Scorpios tend to love it or leave it when it comes to their favourite foods, but they usually gravitate toward foods that have more heat to them. A word of caution: Scorpios can get a little hangry, so try not to come between them and their food.


Food lovers born under this sign are usually adventurous and love to travel far and wide to sample ethnic dishes across the globe. Variety is the spice of life for Sagittariuses, who love nothing more than to try something new on a menu, like the newest Vegan restaurants in Toronto.


Capricorns prefer to stick to a strict schedule, especially when it comes to eating. People born under this sign tend to shy away from too much spice or intense flavour, but that doesn’t mean they’re okay with just anything. Capricorns like simple dishes, but it has to be impeccably prepared for these picky eaters.


People with this sign have a tendency to become so wrapped up in their work, they forget to eat until that hunger strikes late in the day and they’re left ravenous. Aquariuses could benefit from remembering to eat healthy meals, like these 15 whole grain breakfasts, at the beginning of the day to keep from caving and indulging their sweet tooth late in the day.


Pisces is a water sign, so it’s no surprise that those under this sign tend to love seafood. Plus, a healthy meal like one of these 15 Canadian seafood recipes, is great for a Pisces’ creative mind. And because those with this star sign tend to have sensitive tummies, milder foods like fish tend to work well for them.