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Chef Roger Mooking recently traveled
to the United States and Jamaica, and returned with tons of photos and
stories about the incredible food culture. We hope you’ll be inspired
to explore different cuisines and exotic ingredients this summer. We’ll
be publishing a new post every Thursday over the summer, so stay tuned
and enjoy Roger’s ninth post below! Make sure to also check out
Roger’s latest solo album, Feedback, available on iTunes.

roger mooking texas travel

Since my travels take me to the most remote and interesting parts of the world, I’m always seeking out new food and new fun. This time, I ran into a wacky little candy store in Bastrop, Texas, called The Sugar Shack. Candies that I haven’t seen in a few years like Laffy Taffy, Big League Chew and Gold Nuggets filled the shelves there.


They also sell some hand-crafted chocolates, ice cream, and some old tin toys from the ‘50s, which added to the nostalgia. Needless to say, three of us spent a good 45 minutes in this store that was about 250 square feet and loaded with stuff, from floor to ceiling. After a great shoot day on set, it was still the highlight of our day and it was a side trip that was well-worth the impromptu pit-stop.
roger mooking texas candy

These were some of the more interesting highlights of that adventure. On a side note, the “bacon
everything” trend can die anytime now. I’m just sayin’.