I scream, you scream—we all scream for ice cream (soda)!

One of the tastiest summer treats, ice cream soda, is the perfect combination of sweet, creamy and fizzy—no wonder they dedicated one day to this awesome dessert.

So since today is National Ice Cream Soda Day, why not find out which flavour is best suited for your mood!


If you’re feeling nostalgic: This Gingerbread Ice Cream Float will make you feel like home.


If you’re feeling silly: Go back in time with the Shirley Temple Ice Cream Soda.


If you’re feeling relaxed: Sit by the fire and enjoy a sweet Caramel Apple Cider Float.


If you’re feeling discouraged: Revive your day with an Orange Soda Float.


If you’re feeling sad: Brighten up your day with an Adult Cherry Coke Float.


If you’re feeling bitter: Sweeten up your mood with this Ginger Beer Float with Eggnog Ice Cream.


If you’re feeling stressed: Take one sip of this Rum and Coke Float and all your worries will fade away.


If you’re feeling whimsical: Skip reality and have a taste of this Vanilla Dream Float.

dream float

If you’re feeling sleepy: This Firecracker Float will wake you right up!

fireworks edit

If you’re feeling excited: Take date night to the next level with this Dirty Dr. Pepper Float.

dirty dr. pepper

If you’re feeling mellow: A Mint Chip Ice Cream Soda will be sure liven up your mood.


If you’re feeling flirty: Have a Cupid Float and hit the town with your friends.


If you’re feeling gloomy: This dark Guinness Float will have your spirits up in no time.


If you’re feeling optimistic: This S’mores Float with Chocolate Soda is the key to success.

Smores Ice Cream Float 047em