Spring is in the air, and we don’t know about you, but this time of the year screams ‘brunch season’ to us. What’s brunch without a couple stacks of pancakes on the table, right? We’ve rounded up a pancake recipe for each horoscope sign, so read on and find out what yours is!


Rich, indulgent and loaded with yummy toppings, these Buttermilk Pancakes are as bold as an Aries.

taurus pancake

Taurus loves foods that are hearty and satisfying, so these Decadent Pancakes are perfect.

gemini pancake

Is it a cookie or is it breakfast? This Pancake Breakfast Cookie (loaded with bacon!) is as mysterious and alluring as a Gemini.

cancer pancakes

There’s no sign as drawn to classic comfort foods as a Cancer, so these Homestyle Pancakes with Fresh Berries is the way to go.

leo pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes are sure to attract the attention of fun-loving and adventurous Leo.
virgo pancakes

These Gluten-Free Pancakes (made with quinoa flour!) with berry compote are perfect for health-conscious Virgo.

libra pancakes

Sweet-as-sugar Libra will melt over this Pancakes and Blueberry Sauce recipe.

scorpio pancakes

Dark and edgy Scorpio is not one for classic recipes, so these Barque Smokehouse Smoked Duck Pancakes are more their style.

sagittarius pancake

Take a classic recipe and add an exotic spin to bring always-wandering Sagittarius to the table. These Japanese Pizza Pancakes will do the trick.

capricorn pancake

Healthy, practical and easy are a Capricorn’s favourite words, so these Apple-Cinnamon 5-Grain Pancakes are ideal.

aquarius pancake

An Aquarius won’t settle for a recipe that’s anything less than a work of creative genius. Make them a Potato Pancake with Smoked Salmon and Herbed Sour Cream Dressing.

pisces pancake

A Pisces needs a recipe that will soothe their emotional soul, and these Norwegian Cheddar Pancakes with Warm Honey Butter fit the bill.